Diamond Burr, Flame, Very Rough Grit, 1.8 mm

7.00 Excl. VAT

Diamond Burr, Bud 1, Medium Grit, 4 mm

6.90 Excl. VAT

Diamond Burr, Tulip, Medium Grit, 5 mm.

Medium Grit

The most common grit for shaping nails and smoothing skin

Real diamond Coating

5 mm diameter.

1000-25000 rpm.


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Diamond burrs are made with real diamonds. With their outstanding quality and sharpness, they work very effectively and provide a comfortable feeling to the patient. All burrs are autoclavable and covered with real diamond layers in different grades.

The special coating allows high speed and assures are very long-lasting fixation of the diamonds. The temperature development is very low to achieve a comfortable feeling for the patient. The shafts are made after in the ISO standard of 2,3 mm. They are turned very carefully by latest computer controlled machines to avoid any trembling and irregular shape


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