Physiologix Beige Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m

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Mefix Adhesive Dressing Tape 10cm x 10m

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Mediset Dressing Set No 1

Dressing Pack No.1 includes:
• (1) Wrapping field: 40 x 40cm
• (1) Tray: 15 x 7.5cm
• (2) Gauze swabs: 4 x 5cm
• (3) Gauze balls: size D
• (1) Forceps

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Sterile Dressing Kit – disposable ready-to-use kit
Mediset Dressing Pack is designed for the cleaning of a wound or for dressing a wound and minor procedures.
Mediset’s Sterile Dressing Kits are a sterile, ready-to-use kit designed to meet the needs of wound care, clinical examination, minor surgery prep and procedure.
Standardised for clinical treatment, the sterile dressing kits can help to reduce hospital infection as all contents are sterile.
All kits are assembled using high quality components at clean room and all components are packaged in a convenient way to save staff time.
Infection control and prevention is of prime important among healthcare providers and patients, and disposable, sterile dressing kits provide a cost-effective, time-saving unit to help prevent infection.
Sterile Dressing kits are a convenient time saving tool to improve clinical efficiency and save time for healthcare professionals. The all-in-one and ready-to-use sterile dressing kits are suitable for many health-care settings and are compactly packaged to ensure ease of storage and delivery.
The Sterile Dressing Packs are commonly used for use in aseptic procedures and wound care in hospitals and community care. The Dressing Pack contains: One Wrapping Field; Two Guaze Swabs; Three Guaze Balls; One Forceps Pack and One Tray.
The Sterile Dressing Packs are available in a variety of sizes.

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