Aprons On Roll Clear 200/Roll

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Medipad Sterile Non Adherent Pad 5 x 5cm (Box of 10)

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Mediswab Non- Sterile 10 x 10cm, Non Woven Swabs, 4ply

10 x 10cm 100’s Mediswab 4Ply Non Woven Swab used for absorption, protection, disinfection or padding
• Highly absorbent material
• Soft and gentle on the skin
• Size: 10 x 10cm
• 100 Pcs per Pack

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Mediswab 4Ply Non Sterile Non-Woven Swabs are used for absorption, protection, disinfection or padding. Ideal for cleaning wounds, these swabs are a great alternative to cotton wool and a must-have in any First-Aid Kit. Each Mediswab Sterile 4 Ply swab is non-woven so there is no risk of loose fibres irritating or affecting the wound. They are packed in a compact easy-open pouch, allowing for easy storage and ease of use. These Non-Sterile Swabs are used for many medical purposes, especially treating open wounds. The swabs are non-sterile and highly absorbent, as well as being soft and gentle on the skin. The non-woven swabs have a dispenser opening – simply tear off along the perforated edges. Mediswab 4Ply Sterile Non-Woven Swabs absorb, protect, disinfect and pad a wound. They are made of highly absorbent material and they are soft and gentle on the skin. Composed of 4 layers (ply’s), they have a very high absorption capacity and good resistance to stretching when either dry or damp. Soft, with good skin tolerance, these non- sterile swabs don’t stick to the wound and don’t disintegrate. They are suitable for use with all antiseptic solutions.

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