Relife U-Life 50 (30ml)

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Dermatonics Once Heel Balm

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Relife Relizema Hydrating Cleansing Bath Oil (200ml)

The Relief Relizema Hydrating Cleansing Bath Oil helps cleanse, hydrate and protect dry and sensitive skin. This gentle body oil cleanser contains no soap to help reduce the risk of sensitisation. The oil formulation is perfectly used as a foot soak leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

  • Ingredients Include: Cotton Seed Oil, Almond and Grape Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamins E)

Best sellers to patients that like to soak their feet and have dry skin due to soaking with Epsom salts.

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The treatment of sensitive skin comprises several steps. In cases where there is a predisposing dermatitis to the symptomatology, the control of the disease contributes to the improvement of the condition.

Proper skin hydration helps to recover and maintain the skin protection barrier. Moisturisers with few components, without perfume and without substances that can irritate the skin, are indicated.

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