Relife U-Life 40 (50ml)

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Relife U-Life 50 (30ml)

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Relife U-Life 20 (100ml)

Relife U-Life 20 (20% urea) is a highly moisturising body cream for very dry and rough skin with a particular indication for skin with a tendency to peel.  It works to hydrate and stabilise skin, restoring the normal skin function of proteases and reconstruct the damaged skin barrier due to the combination of urea and glycerine.

  • Urea (20%): Moisturinsing
  • Glycerine: Retains and lowers the dispersion of water
  • Lactic Acid: Smoothing and regenerating action

Best sellers to patients with dry, rough and flaky skin

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Urea is an organic compound that has been used clinically for dermatological diseases for more than a century. Urea is a potent emollient and keratolytic agent, making urea an effective monotherapy for conditions associated with dry and scaly skin.(6)

Urea plays a significant role in moisture regulation and is a key constituent of natural moisturising factor, the chemical protective coat produced by the epidermis and responsible for keeping the adequate hydration of stratum corneum- the outermost part of the epidermis.

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