Mykored Nail Protection Oil 14ml

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Relife U-Life 20 (100ml)

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Relife U-Life 40 (50ml)

For the management of dry, extremely dry and rough skin and to reduce or eliminate skin thickening on the feet with:

  • Urea: moisturising and smoothing,
  • lactic acid: intense smoothing and regeneration action

U-Life 40 contains urea crystals to help exfoliate the skin while breaking down hyperkeratosis.

Best sellers to patients with hyperkeratosis

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Urea is an organic compound that has been used clinically for dermatological diseases for more than a century. Urea is a potent emollient and keratolytic agent, making urea an effective monotherapy for conditions associated with dry and scaly skin.(6)

Urea plays a significant role in moisture regulation and is a key constituent of natural moisturising factor, the chemical protective coat produced by the epidermis and responsible for keeping the adequate hydration of stratum corneum- the outermost part of the epidermis.

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